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4 Killer VoIP Features for MSPs

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Managed service providers continue to see accelerating growth as companies gain an understanding of what VoIP can do to bring costs down and increase flexibility and functionality. For MSPs, adding a VoIP solution to your product portfolio is becoming increasingly attractive as ISDN comes to an end in 2022.


When looking for a VoIP solution to add into your product portfolio we've put together our list of the 4 killer VoIP features that you should look for:


1. Cloud-Based Centralised Management Console 

MSPs need a simple to use, responsive and truly beautiful management console for VoIP - taking the hassle out of remote management. A product that allows you to seamlessly deploy and support business grade VoIP from one single pane of glass is one of the killer features that MSPs love. 


2. Remote Provisioning

Another killer VoIP feature for MSPs is that you don't even need to touch a piece of hardware, it can all be drop shipped preconfigured and provisioned. The best VoIP providers will set up everything up for you and your end user can literally start using their phone instantly. 


3. Remote Support

To make your life easier you need a VoIP solution where you can add, change, remove or reconfigure devices and users from a management console. So that in just a few clicks you can put together callsflows, ring groups and time of day rules for your clients with ease. 


4. Direct Access to Developers & Platform Owners

Having direct access to developers and platform owners mean that swift resolutions and the ability to develop bespoke complex solutions is made simple. Although it's rare to get this type of service, we see the huge benefits it brings for MSPs which is why it's in our top 4 killer VoIP features.  


Invosys Hosted is our VoIP solution of choice, fully hosted in the UK, designed and developed locally for the unique needs of MSPs. To try out our business grade VoIP, designed for MSPs to deploy from one single pane of glass you can schedule a demo with one of the co-founders of Invosys Hosted.


Get in touch today on 0330 122 2050 on submit your details here.


Abbie-Lee Hollister

Customer Success Manager | Zedsphere