A To ZED Gaming Review

by Sam Ellison, on January 4, 2019

We get that every now and then you need some ship-sailing, web-swinging or classic retro action. We’ve found just that with our top games on the market right now as well as a treasured throwback. So grab your controllers and press play on our sneak peeks.
Check Out Our Top Gaming Picks: 

Assassins Creed Odyssey Get your Creed on and dive back in time to Ancient Greece. With stunning graphics and a great historical setting, you really feel as though you’re right there in the game with your character. The characters are descendants of Leonidas himself and you get the choice of a male or female character. Though unlike the tag team mode in Assassins Creed Unity, you must decide and stick with your choice (or play the game again as the alternative character). Ships Ahoy! Ship battles are back! This game is a must for all!

Your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man is back in full web swinging motion! With great and accurate graphics, take in the views of Manhattan (and take some snaps while you’re there!). Enjoy the motions of Spidey slinging webs and running up building tops for a boosted jump. Combat is smooth with great flowing techniques and the skills tree opens up some upgraded moves to take down bad guys. With a feel of Batman Arkham Knight, you’ll see similarities in the combat and stealth parts but with Spider-Man’s refreshing character and quirks. Unlock gadgets and upgrades including new suits and build your character how you want it to be. 
Hey! Listen! The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is 20 years old! A smashing release on the Nintendo64, the Ocarina of Time is an all-time classic and according to Nintendo Magazine, the second-best Nintendo game of all time beaten only by Super Mario Bros. Though we can all argue that Super Mario Bros 3 was THE best Mario game! This game was amazing and if you can, give it another go on the Wii U. There is a rumour that there will be a release of the 3DS version on the Nintendo Switch soon... you heard it here first!
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