BitTitan MigrationWiz: The Cloud Mover

by Eshah Toona, on October 23, 2018

Just like moving to a new house, Managed Service Providers have a couple options when it comes to your clients migration projects. You can try and do it all yourself - whilst hoping for the best. Or you can engage a moving company – a cloud migration tool – to do it for you. 

That's where BitTitan MigrationWiz comes in, the cloud mover, that automates the migration process in a simple and easy-to-use way. 
While most cloud migration tools come with a per-user license cost, your margins from time-savings far outweigh that cost. As an MSP, it's best if you’re also charging your customer a per-user cost and you’ve bundled important planning and other assessment services around this tool and the cloud subscription sale to increase revenue on the project.


Time Is Money

A big benefit of a cloud migration solution like BitTitan MigrationWiz is the speed. Tools like MigrationWiz accelerate that transition, moving data as quickly as a customer’s Source environment will allow. That’s the whole point of a lift-and-shift migration: get those applications and workloads into the cloud as quickly as possible.


Limit The Potential For Download

By enabling you to perform large migrations over the course of a single weekend, these tools limit the potential for downtime and interruption to the end user’s experience, while offering support and troubleshooting options if the project goes awry.


Seamless Experience

They also come with resources like step-by-step migration guides that walk through specific Source-to-Destination scenarios. All of this equals a faster, more reliable solution for you and a seamless experience for end users.

If you would like to find out more about BitTitan MigrationWiz visit our features page and view the pricing options for the migration bundles.