BitTitan MSPComplete - How It Works

by Eshah Toona, on April 9, 2018

BitTitan MSPComplete helps you document and standardise delivery with Runbooks. Centralise, automate, and execute scripts in the cloud as well as benchmarking performance and identifying opportunities to improve service delivery.
Runbooks operationalise your best practices and ensure that your services are delivered with consistency. They leverage powerful automation to centralise and execute PowerShell scripts in the cloud, minimising the manual work that your engineers perform when delivering services.


IT Services Delivery with MSPComplete 


1. Automation 

Use BitTitan MSPComplete to create automated tasks with PowerShell scripts then configure them to run in one click or automatically. You can centralise script storage in line with your delivery documentation and receive notifications both when the scripts complete or fail. 


2. Standardisation 

Upload existing service documentation, modify existing templates from a growing Library or build Runbooks from scratch. When using BitTitan to create and manage Runbooks you can document detailed, step-by-step information with rich text, hyperlinks, images, codeblocks and more - whilst getting immediate access to any changes within your workgroup. 


3. Benchmarking

Once you've assigned tasks to individuals and workgroups you can then benchmark the performance and identify opportunities for improvement with BitTitan MSPComplete. Make your services more cost effective by finding and replacing costly time-consuming tasks. 


If you would like to find out more about BitTitan MSPComplete visit our features page or feel free to download a free 14-day trial.