Why Choose Connectivity With Zedsphere?

by Danny Boyle, on September 14, 2018

Why Choose Connectivity With Zedsphere?
With so many products to choose from in the market, it’s getting harder and harder to find out what is actually the best solution for MSPs without spending a large number of man-hours and extensive research on each individual requirement. The problem is, very rarely do MSP’s actually have any time at all to do anything other than manage their existing customer base. Here at Zedsphere, we know that our MSPs are always striving to find the best-of-breed product stack that not only offers the best in performance demands but also value for money to.


Leading the way as the Cloud Solutions Distributor for MSPs, we are thrilled to have added a Connectivity solution to our unique MSP curated portfolio. Whether it’s ADSL2+, FTTC, Ethernet or a Lease Line your customer needs, we have highly experienced MSP Connectivity Specialists available at the drop of a hat, to ensure that you have everything you need. Put simply, Zedsphere has partnered with all the major internet providers, so you don’t have to.


Whether you have been in the Telecoms game for 30 years or 3 years, Every single MSP & End User each has a personal preference on which Internet Provider they would rather go with and the reasons behind that decision could vary from person to person in 1000 different varieties. Instead of being restricted to one package with a single provider, our MSP’s can now offer a full range of solutions AND different providers to fully cover all aspects of your customers experience.


Top 3 benefits of partnering with Zedsphere for all your Connectivity needs: 


More Margin More Money 

Not only are the choices vastly greater with Zedsphere Connectivity, but the margins an MSP can make are larger too. Without alienating any end users on pricing, our MSPs will all have a fixed price from us which creates a huge opportunity to set your margin as you see fit for each individual customer you are managing.

Backing that up with the fact that 90% of our packages come with no installation fee, activation charge and MONTHLY ROLLING CONTRACTS as standard only heightens the offering available to all our Zedsphere MSP Partners.


No Ideal Customers Just Yet? No Problem

Here at Zedsphere, we pride ourselves of offering the best service throughout the whole of your journey with us for every cloud product we offer in a risk-free environment. Connectivity is no different, having the ability to sell this to your customers only requires signing up to our free Zedsphere MSP Partner program.

Once signed up, our MSPs are never asked to hit any minimum requirement level in order to qualify for any discounts. Becoming a Zedsphere will also give you access to extended trials and exclusive discounts for any other of our other products that will catch your eye in the near future.


Marketing & Service

Need a bit of branded literature before you go in to a pitch or want a bit of personalised advice on product growth for your customers? Our Connectivity Specialists have many years of experience in all areas of Telecoms and IT to guide you through all the best practises and approaches that we KNOW work and have brought growth to MSPs.

We even have our free Zedsphere MSP growth academy at your disposal, designed to give you bite-sized tips to boost your Managed Service Sales and Marketing strategy.


Learn more about our Connectivity offerings today and you can even download our full price book online.