on April 17, 2018 MSP Masters

Zedsphere Meets Dean Mason - MD at Green Cloud Solutions

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MSP Masters: Dean Mason - Managing Director at Green Cloud IT Solutions
Dean Mason sold his sports car, moved back in with his dad and paid himself £50 a week to help get his business up and running. Four years later he is handling Blue Chip clients and his business continues to grow. Dean visited the Zedsphere office for a coffee and a sit down with our MD, Rick Yates in what turned out to be an incredibly compelling, open and honest interview. 


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Rick Yates

Rick Yates is established as a commercial leader in cloud software distribution. As Founder and Managing Director of Zedsphere, Rick identifies future trends in the MSP space and is responsible for bringing together a portfolio of innovative technologies to drive success and productivity in the UK SMB market. Rick leads a dedicated team of technology product specialists, providing a fresh approach to technology sourcing for MSPs in the UK and Europe.

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