How ESET Stacks Up For Malware Detection

by Eleanor Donoghue, on January 21, 2019

Malware. It's right up there with Lord Voldermort when its comes to keeping people awake at night. Especially Managed Service Providers whose job it is to keep their IT systems free of nasty viruses (or ‘pernicious’ as the media insist on calling them).

Luckily these Managed Service Providers can call on ESET to protect them. ESET’s track record in malware protection is second to none, as evidenced by the number of industry awards that it’s won over the thirty years it’s spent combating these viruses.

Even Harry Potter’s author, J.K. Rowling, would struggle to describe the enormity of the battle that ESET and its allies face in fighting their creators. The amount spent annually - on a global basis - has been put at anything between $450 billion and $2 trillion, a number that’s estimated to be growing each year by 27%.
Deadly Malware Viruses 

Although a quick skim read of the various posts written b
y ESET’s security team and posted on its excellent blog site,  ‘Welivesecurity’ does seem at times like reading a Harry Potter book; Lojax, Powerpool, ednit, Danabot, TurlaMosquito, FancyBear, OSX/Proton, DoubleLocker, Sathurbot. Not fictitious characters, in fact, but different types of highly deadly malware viruses that ESET deals with on a daily basis.

Those viruses affect every aspect of IT, from the enormous data centres run by large corporations to a consumers’ smart TV. And as we move to an ‘always on’ society, we create more opportunities for the bad guys to trip us up.

All of the clients that our MSPs provide IT solutions to are affected by these issues and those MSPs that have enrolled into ESET’s MSP Programme now have a comprehensive solution to offer them. That solution doesn’t just include the company’s broad range of anti-virus software products but world-class technical support and access to a  significant (and ongoing) research capability as well.

As far as we know, the researchers don’t wear invisibility cloaks but the work they do is pretty magical.


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