How to turbo boost content production with a small team

by Abbie-Lee Hollister, on June 4, 2019

When it comes to creating and managing online content, most small business leave it entirely to one person. They may even outsource content creation to a third party.
However, there are plenty of benefits to engaging your entire organisation in creating content - not only does this process improve the quality of your content but it also helps your team feel more included in the business and its success. 
1. Get everyone in your team producing content
Your team members are the ones working directly with your clients and your product or service. Ultimately, they are the ones with the most knowledge on what your buyer persona wants to read or learn more about. Plus, every team member has their own unique perspective and ideas on blog topics or titles. It is always a challenge to decide on what to write about, so holding a team session to come up with a blog topic ideas together will help generate fresh creativity. 
2. Try to set aside an amount of time to write
It may be a good idea to try and set aside some time to focus solely on content production. That way you and the team can dedicate that time and it feels like a real team effort. For example, you could set a goal of writing two blog posts each in the next hour. For Managed Service Providers it is often difficult to set aside some time to write content but it's much easier to produce in bulk and schedule it in advance, than to feel the pressure of writing content each day. 
Try to set up your environment for writing content, grab a coffee and put your headphones on for an hour. Your team are much more likely to use and share the content with their clients and prospects if they're part of this awesome content creation process too. 
3. Recruit guest bloggers
Recruiting guest bloggers doesn't help to save to save on resources alone, it also adds a tremendous amount of value to your blog. If your recruit influencers or others within the same area of expertise you can open up many opportunities, including access to their network, resulting in a greater and wider audience. Having thought leaders in your industry contribute to writing content for your business also lends value to your credibility. 
4. Repurpose content
Consistently creating brand new content is difficult and time consuming. One way to make your content go further is to use it for a variety of purposes. There are a few great ways to repurpose your content. You can, for example, use one topic or idea and expand it into several blog posts or pieces of content. Another way to repurpose your content is to move from one medium to another. You may have a great eBook that you can break down into several blog posts, or you could have a blog post that would make a great video. 
There are plenty of ways to utilise your resources in order to turbo boost your content production with a small team. Content creation isn't an easy process, so it makes sense to get your entire team involved. The ultimately helps employees feel like valuable members of the team. Plus, by using guest bloggers you're positioning your brand as a leader in your industry and repurposing your existing content to save time means your onto a winning strategy!
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