on June 06, 2018 MSP Masters

Zedsphere Meets Mike Douglass Of Yellowbus Solutions

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Yellowbus Solutions evolved from a traditional break-fix IT offering to successful Managed Service Provider and discovered their niche in an ever competitive industry. Yellowbus Solutions have established themselves as THE Managed Service Provider to the energy and engineering sectors - often winning projects against companies 100 times their size. 
Rick Yates chats with Mike Douglass about the challenges of developing a business growth strategy, transitioning into the role of Commercial Director and how Yellowbus utilise inbound marketing. Check out the interview below:



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Rick Yates

Rick Yates is established as a commercial leader in cloud software distribution. As Founder and Managing Director of Zedsphere, Rick identifies future trends in the MSP space and is responsible for bringing together a portfolio of innovative technologies to drive success and productivity in the UK SMB market. Rick leads a dedicated team of technology product specialists, providing a fresh approach to technology sourcing for MSPs in the UK and Europe.

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