How MSPs are Gaining Rapid ROI With The ESET MSP Partner Programme

by Danny Boyle, on December 26, 2018

Type ‘Return on Investment’ (ROI) into Google and you’ll get 497,000,000 results in just 0.43 of a second. ROI, clearly, is a popular subject. Particularly in the IT industry where calculating the investment (costs) has always been pretty straightforward, but calculating the return much less so. In fact, a whole industry has grown up just providing buyers of IT products and services with all kinds of analytical tools to help them justify whether their money was spent wisely or not.

Those considering enrolling in ESET’s MSP Partner programme probably won’t need to use those tools as the company’s track record here speaks for itself. (MSP partner recruitment is up 40 percent year over year). But precisely what sort of ROI would a MSP expect to see?
For those interested in these things ROI comes in many forms. The full list comprises the following:

- Revenue Enhancement
- Cost Reduction
- Cost Avoidance
- Capital Reduction
- Capital Avoidance
What ROI MSPs Can Expect From ESET's Partner Programme  
Revenue Enhancement
MSPs considering enrolling in the ESET Program will undoubtedly see revenue enhancement as they will now be able to offer their clients a far wider range of IT security services. And not only will selling these services generate additional income but regularly recurring income too, as clients are billed for the number of licenses they use on a monthly basis.
Cost Reduction
MSPs might also see a reduction in their costs especially as features such as the ESET Remote Administrator tool makes it easy to manage multiple clients with minimal headcount.
No Upfront Costs 
Receiving monthly revenue from licenses together with incurring no upfront costs also both have a positive impact on an MSP’s cash flow position and these can feed through to reduced costs too.
Non-Financial Benefits
Remember that ROI calculations are only concerned with financial benefits, but MSPs should also consider the non-financial benefits to their business too. And here the list is just as long:
- Increased customer satisfaction
- Ability to offer improved customer service and support
- Improved business processes
- Improved analytical solutions
- Better forecasting


Does enrolling in the ESET MSP Programme now add up for you? Download a datasheet that provides more details on how to do it now.