on May 14, 2018 Ninja RMM

5 New Features You'll Love In The New NinjaRMM 2.18 Release

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We're really excited about the new NinjaRMM 2.18 release that happened last week and there are 5 new features now live within the console for you to try that we think you'll love. Check out our run down of these new updates below. 


1. Introducing BETA CloudBerry Integration

After a successful alpha campaign, the new 2.18 release offers users access to the Cloudberry (Beta) integration -  a fully integrated, and completely single-pane backup solution to offer your customers.  

To setup, login to your console and navigate to configuration/integrations/Cloudberry (Beta).


2. Closed-Loop Alerting

Introducing closed-loop alerting! Conditions that fire can now immediately reset themselves once the condition is no longer applicable.  This feature is available for the following conditions:

- Network Utilisation


- Memory

- Device Down

- Windows Service


3. More Customisable Branding Options

NinjaRMM now gives you the ability to generate custom-branded login pages for your users, using a unique URL.  

Navigate to configuration/branding in your console to get started.


4. Enhanced Autotask Integration

NinjaRMM version 2.18 sees improved backend processes and enhanced features for their Autotask integration (further documentation to be released shortly).

- Can now sync/push NinjaRMM devices to become Autotask configuration items (i.e. device)

- Tickets created via NinjaRM are now linked to this configuration item

- Two-way sync of ticket state:  resetting alerts in Ninja will close tickets in Autotask, and vice-versa


5. ConnectWise Feature Enhancement

The ConnectWise integration now allows multiple selections for product-type and agreement-type. 


Want to learn more about NinjaRMM? Just get in touch with us by calling one of our  specialists on 0330 122 2050 or drop and email to sales@zedsphere.com. Alternatively check out our bundles online now.



Abbie-Lee Hollister

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