Surprising Things You Can Learn During a NinjaRMM Web Demo

by Rick Yates, on February 19, 2018


Surprising Things You Can Learn During a NinjaRMM Web Demo

If you are getting ready to start an RMM change project, or you are looking at RMM for the first time then you will be deciding which products to demo. The fact that you have ended up on this blog hopefully means that NinjaRMM has sparked your interest, so let me give you an idea of some of that you will learn during a NinjaRMM demo that might be surprising to you.


1. You get a demo with one of the guys who invented the product

If you are looking at NinjaRMM with Zedsphere, you will get the chance to have a 1-2-1 demo with AJ Singh, Product Manager and Co-Founder at NinjaRMM. Who better to show you around the platform other than one of the guys who invented it? This means that you can be assured that you will get a fully comprehensive overview of what NinjaRMM can do to help you get the RMM related jobs done in your business.


2. You will realise that RMM can be BEAUTIFUL

And by beautiful, we mean easy to navigate, easy to use, looks awesome, very easy to understand, intuitive and just works the way you need it to. If you already have experience with some of the legacy RMM solutions you will notice a meaningful difference in the speed and ease with which you can navigate the NinjaRMM console.


3. Ninja RMM is like a Pick & Mix for the best MSP products

NinjaRMM has made a fantastic strategic decision to partner with leading MSP focussed vendors to seamlessly integrate solutions into their platform. So rather than building their own mediocre remote connect tool, they have created the worlds leading RMM integration for TeamViewer, a vendor that is widely regarded as best in class. The same applies for Webroot, Splashtop, BitDefender, Computicate PSA, CloudBerry Backup, plus many more. Anyone signing up for NinjaRMM can become a proverbial kid in a sweetshop.


4. It’s easier than you thought

NinjaRMM has been created with ease in mind. You will see this theme running throughout your experience with NinjaRMM, from the technology platform itself, through to the flexibility around licensing and subscription and the experience you have during onboarding and following signup.




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