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TeamViewer New Features and Enhancements Released

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TeamViewer's spring release for new features and enhancements has now been released, including the #1 user-requested feature for servicecamp. Find out all the details below.
Added Reporting Functionality with ServiceCamp
The most user-requested enhancement for servicecamp has arrived. Efficiently manage service request workloads, ensure top customers’ tickets are prioritised, and use data to transparently communicate with senior management.
Use the in-built reporting functionality, or instantly integrate servicecamp data into tools such as Excel, Power BI, and Tableau, or any other data environment you are familiar with, to gain even greater insights.
Improved User Interface
Simpler to navigate, easier to manage, and optimised in collaboration with customers – the all-in-one user interface improves the way you work with TeamViewer. Work faster and with fewer clicks.
9 out of 10 users are extremely satisfied with the new design, that condenses and simplifies multiple windows and tools into one easy-to-use, re-sizable client window, that also remains open when establishing a remote control connection.

iOS Files App Integrations

Improve customer service by reducing the time to resolution for iOS11 technical support service cases with TeamViewer - the first remote support solution to integrate with the new iOS Files app.
The QuickSupport app is available in the Files app, so users can manage all files transferred to or from their device. File transfer now integrates well with any other iOS app that supports the Files app, such as Box or Google Drive.


Android App Now Unified with Desktop and iOS
With more than 10 million active Android app users – the most popular remote control app for remote support and working on-the-go is now even better than ever before.
Your overall Android app experience is now more intuitive. Hints give helpful pointers for actions you can take, and you can transfer files and chat with contacts with the same workflow as on your desktop. No need to change your routine!
Drastically Reduced Mobile Data Usage and Instant Login

Instantly access your Computer & Contacts list on your Android device. Enjoy a hassle-free experience when you are on the move or working from a location with poor connectivity.
Reduce the data usage of your Android device by up to 80% with TeamViewer’s smart data transfer technology. The bigger your Computers & Contacts list, the more data you will save.


Synchronised Active Directory

Save time and hassle synchronising users in your company’s Active Directory with TeamViewer by using the new downloadable AD Connector.
Ensure the right people always have access to a company TeamViewer account. Use the new graphical user interface of the AD Connector to configure and synchronise multiple AD groups, execute test runs, and set up scheduled synchronisations.


If you would like to find out more about TeamViewer visit our features page or contact us today on 0330 122 2050.



Lizzie Robinson

Operations Manager | Zedsphere

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