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Top 5 'Must Haves' To Look For In A Cyber Security Solution For Your MSP Business

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Due to the increasing complexity and frequency of cyber attacks, some CISOs of large enterprises are reported to be using over 80 different security vendors to help protect them. SMEs rely on far fewer but are still faced with a large number of alternatives.

Good news for those MSPs who’re considering which cyber security vendor to support. Or is it? Back the wrong one and your business will suffer the consequences as one quarter of the more specialised vendors surrounding these CISOs are expected to go bust or be acquired.  

So what are the five ‘must haves’ that a MSP should consider if they are not to face the same future? One way of deciding would be to look at this issue from the customers’ perspective. After all, if you’re adopting a ‘customer first’ philosophy then their views probably should count for a lot more than your sales staff. On that basis, then, ESET should probably be high on your list and here’s why.

TechValidate surveyed over 800 ESET customers to ask what led them to choose the company over their key competitors, which included Symantec, McAfee and Kaspersky.
1. Light Footprint
Scoring a whopping 82%, the most important feature for them  - by some way - was ESET’s light footprint.
2. ESET Security Management Center 
In second place, at 64% was the ESET Security Management Center dashboard which provided ease of management.
3. Detection Rates 
High malware detection rates with low false positives came in a credible third place at 59%.
4. Virtual Environment Performance
Efficiency and performance in virtual environments took fourth place scoring 31%.
5. 3rd Party Results 
Meanwhile, third-party testing results trailed at fifth with 19%.

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