Why Upload Speed Is So Important For Your Clients Connectivity

by Danny Boyle, on December 18, 2018

It’s important that Managed Service Providers ensure they are taking upload speeds into account when considering their clients business connectivity needs. Upload speeds are becoming increasingly more important for many business clients in all industries including retails, education and SMEs. 
Although download speeds are important for business users, upload speed is definitely something that should be considered with priority. 
Why Upload Speeds Are Important:
 Real Time Communication
Having a reliable connection with sufficient bandwidth on both ends is essential for virtual communication with customers or colleagues - and is likely going to be a very important factor for the satisfaction of your client. 


Data Back Up 

Businesses require the cloud to back up important files and applications, which is another reason why upload speed is now a crucial consideration for your connectivity contracts. 


Information Exchange  

Businesses need to exchange large files and documents as part of their day to day activities, with people in or outside the office. To do this as efficiently as possible, they require a fast upload speed in order to quickly exchange documents, designs when using services such as OneDrive or SharePoint. 


POS Systems

If you're an MSP looking after retail organisations then ensuring a fast upload speed is critical for their Point of Sale systems, in order to speed up their retail transactions. 


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