What To Expect From Zedsphere In 2019

by Rick Yates, on November 30, 2018

When we set up shop in 2015, the whole game plan was to switch things up in the cloud distribution industry for MSPs.

We knew that most distributors were tailored towards the traditional product reseller market. This meant that MSPs needed to work directly with multiple vendors or receive a ‘square box-round hole’ experience from legacy distributors.

We wanted to build a distribution brand that focused exclusively on MSPs, bringing them the best cloud technology products for their needs and giving them the chance to work with a supplier that was created just for them. We plan to keep up the momentum going into 2019, and we have some ambitious plans to better serve our MSP community:
We Want To Create The Industry's Leading Security Product Stack For MSPs

We recently announced our strategic and invigorating partnership with ESET, which puts us front and centre as their dedicated MSP distributor.

We have also added Bob’s Business for Cyber Security Awareness Training and we plan to further build our security portfolio with DR, Backup and Compliance as a Service in the next 3 months.

Annual MSP Events for Security, Sales and Marketing

We know that MSPs want more enablement on selling security products and services,  so we have an annual event that encompasses multiple MSP Security vendors in the works to help with this. We also understand that Sales and Marketing is a key challenge for MSPs, so we can’t wait to expand our MSP Growth Academy and create a growth dedicated event just for MSPs.

We’re Developing a Partner Programme That Rivals All Others 

In just 3 short months after its launch, the Zedsphere MSP Partner Programme already has several hundred subscribers. We are constantly exploring new ways to build on our existing list of impressive benefits for MSPs by leveraging the buying power we have with vendors and improving the regular online content we circulate to help MSPs. 
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