on December 06, 2018

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We love games and consoles - so here is our run down on the latest releases and our thoughts on them.

Games and Consoles up for Review:
1. FIFA 19

FIFA is a well loved game which has spanned over decades with new releases every year.  The new release has brought in some realistic features such as levels of stamina when tackling players, sprinting speeds differ when players are tired and the feeling of pressure when teams are losing.
Shooting for goal is more difficult than in previous years but the game is more realistic and online play is good fun. The addition of the Champions League is a nice addition and gives FIFA a boost. 
2. NHL 19 

NHL 19 is awesome! Ice hockey is the fastest team sport on Earth. Get your skates on, tighten those laces and fasten your chin strap, this is the real deal when it comes to Ice Hockey games. 
Big hits, skating on inner and outer edges, those power turns and hockey stops look amazing. 
The World of Chel is decent but would have been a good offline addition too.
3. SNES Mini

This is awesome! This little scaled down replica box comes booted with 21 classic SNES games and two classic style controllers.
With a good number of classic games from your childhood, you can relive the nostalgia and play your favourite games including:
Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda - A Link to The Past, Street Fighter 2 Turbo and much more.
* Cartridge blowing not required*
4. Two Point Hospital
This is essentially a brand new revamp of Theme Hospital. I spent years playing that game and absolutely loved it - if that sounds familiar, Two Point Hospital is a must.
With crazy diseases and illnesses for you to deal with and find cures for, you'll have lots to keep you busy.
Make sure your layout is good or you'll find patients getting lost and staff becoming unhappy. A decent game with a few similarities to Theme Hospital, we think you'll love this one!
5. FarCry 5

The latest in the series of FarCry games, FarCry 5 boasts better gameplay for players. The main difference with 5 and previous versions is that YOU control your development and progression - this allows you to grow skill levels in areas that you want and not have to follow a skills tree map.
By talking to background characters, you can gain lots of information including locations of points of interest and goodies. 
The world views are stunning and visually captivating, this adds to the freedom you have whilst navigating maps and areas. 
We love this game and think you will too.
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Sam Ellison

Sam is the Technical Product Specialist here at Zedsphere. Her specialities include absolutely anything tech or geek things, talking about products and their features. Sam spends her spare time doing martial arts, playing ice hockey, camping and playing an array of geeky games.

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